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Prepare for Your Cisco Exam with CCNA Network Visualizer

Date Added: January 06, 2015 09:41:50 AM
Author: Ian Law
Category: Education: Teaching
Sporting a number of major improvements over its predecessor, CCNA Network Visualizer Demo provides you with everything you need to prepare for Cisco examinations and earn your certification. There is no shortage of material to understand for this challenging exam, but with this program at your disposal, you'll be able to greatly increase your chances of passing. Providing a virtual network, you'll be able to design, build and maintain your own network of any size, and you'll be empowered to learn and troubleshoot more effectively along the way. The program provides 170 hands-on labs and several devices to choose from as well as 39 troubleshooting practice scenarios. This demo version provides you with everything you need to get started by testing your knowledge and boosting your experience. 170 Hands-On Labs Providing you with everything you need to learn how large networks function and troubleshoot problems effectively as soon as they arise, the hands-on labs provided by this program are professionally designed and extremely effective. There are labs for networking environments, Cisco IOS, managing and troubleshooting networks, IP routing and much more. You can view a full list of the various labs at the RouterSim website. There are several virtual devices to choose from when setting up and planning your virtual network, including various routers and switches, and each device is represented by a device button at the top of the visualizer screen. Custom Labs Support A versatile solution, CCNA Network Visualizer allows users to create custom labs that they can also share via the network visualizer menu. This makes the program suitable for use by instructors as well as those who are preparing to take their Cisco exam. Creating a custom lab involves a simple, three-step process during which you will create and configure a custom network, insert instructions and save the virtual network to the customer networks folder for sharing with others. You can attach documents containing instructions in the DOC format and then save your files in a simple numbering scheme so that people will know what information to look for when they participate in your custom labs. Net Assessment and Net Packet Monitor The Net Assessment feature allows users to test and evaluate their networking skills and their problem solving abilities. A creative and flexible tool, it provides a number of options for assistance in determining the best configurations to use. Another innovative feature is the Net Packet monitor which allows users to view packet data in real time as it is travelling through the network. To use CCNA Network Visualizer, you'll need to have an Internet connection to authorize the program, and there are two versions offered: one for use on a standalone computer and another for use on a local area network. The latter can accommodate up to 255 simultaneous users. You can learn more about CCNA Network Visualizer and download the demo today at . Upon purchasing the full version of the program, you'll receive a product ID in your email within one hour.