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Design Professional Drawings and Diagrams with nanoCAD

Date Added: January 12, 2015 04:48:00 PM
Author: Nick Giles
Category: Computers & Internet: Graphics
nanoCAD is the freeware version of the popular nanoCAD Plus computer aided design software suite. Designed to be easy to use, the program provides all of the necessary tools for designing and producing professional drawings such as schematics and blueprints. Providing a modern CAD environment, the program also supports the popular DWG file format. The latest edition, nanoCAD 5.1, sports a number of improvements, and this free version also adds some useful new functions as well as bug fixes and more. The software provides full support for the DirectX API, and it provides an open-platform independent library for the OpenGL API. Support for both of these universal APIs helps to ensure compatibility and optimal performance for the full range of modern graphics cards available for modern personal computers. With full support for the DWG file format, nanoCAD is fully compatible with drawings made using the world's most popular computer aided design platform, AutoCAD, as well as many other CAD suites. It can even read and write DWG files from version 11, which was released some 23 years ago, and of course, if will work with the newest DWG files as well. nanoCAD sports a range of other useful features, making it a highly competent package while also being far more affordable than most other CAD products. It provides auto-completion and auto-correction of command line commands, while an improved algorithm for command input allows you the program to locate correct commands even if you enter them incorrectly. This makes working with the program much easier, even for relatively inexperienced users. This free version of nanoCAD is ideally suited to beginners and anyone else who does not require the full range of features of nanoCAD Plus. It is also ideal for anyone who wants to get a feel for the program and its promising potential before deciding to purchase it. This version provides all of the basic core functions of the program, so that you will have everything you need to create everyday professional CAD drawings and projects. Additionally, you'll be able to study any existing drawings in full detail. nanoCAD features a classic, user-friendly interface that should be immediately familiar to anyone who has worked with computer aided design programs in the past. It also provides all of the standard modern features designed to help optimize your workflow, including file tabs, the ability to work with multiple documents at once and much more. For all of your 2D drawing needs, the program provides an Excel-style table editor and AutoCAD-style tables as well as a few other useful tools including a calculator and a built-in notepad application for easy text exchange. If you enjoy using nanoCAD, you can easily upgrade to nanoCAD Plus in order to take advantage of many additional features including a variety of advanced functions such as hybrid raster and vector editing tools. The professional version is available for a yearly subscription, providing you with priority customer support and updates as soon as they are released. To download nanoCAD today or purchase the Plus version, pay a visit to .