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Diverse e-cig models available in the world market

Date Added: January 21, 2015 06:47:13 AM
Author: SuzanneMeijer
Category: Shopping: Electronics and Electrical Components
To lead a tobacco free life, there are many options in front of you. One of the interesting options is the use of electronic cigarettes. In the electronic-cigarette smoking world, you can enjoy smoking every time by using different types of cigarette flavours. This article will take your attention to different electronic cigarettes available in the market. Take a close look at the valuable electronic cigarette varieties and decide which type will give you extra comfort and joy. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes - This type of e-cigarette is mainly for medium smokers. They can restrict smoking or control smoking by recharging the battery to the extent where they would like to stop smoking. Many started using rechargeable e-cigs as they have many advantages like reusability and liquid replacement. IPipe Starter Set is one type of rechargeable cigarette model. This model is available with a standard 18350 Li-ion battery that is located in the bowl of the pipe. When the battery is out of power, then a light on the head of the epipe flashes to indicate the power shortage. In the IPipe Starter kits you will get a second battery. This can be used when the other one is being charged by connecting to a power supply. Disposable e-cigarettes ? As the name indicates these types of cigarettes are use and throw varieties. Those who want to smoke only for a limited period of time can use disposable e-cigs. You will get disposable cigarettes in all shops that sell all types of cigarettes. Light smokers can use this type of cigarettes, as they like to enjoy smoking for a short period of time. Beginners can also use this, and can decide whether to continue smoking or give a full stop. E-go electronic cigarettes ? These cigarette varieties are for heavy to medium smokers. There are people who want to smoke at frequent intervals to revitalize their energy. E-go cigarettes are having bigger batteries, so charge will remain for a long time. Some of the known e-go cigar brands are Innokin Lily electric cigarette, Kamry ePipe K1000 and Kanger e-Smart. These types of cigarettes are very popular in the smokers? world as they don?t have to worry about cartridge filling or battery charging for a long time. Many who travel a lot are using e-go cigarettes. Any smoker who doesn?t like to visit cigar shops frequently can also use this type of cigarette models. Large tanks and bigger battery size allows in enjoying smoking for a long time. Personal vaporizer ? if you want to experience smoking in a personalized or heavy way, then should use personal vaporizer. When compared with other e-cigs this model comes with lots of advance features and controls. Heavy smokers are using this model for getting the ultimate smoking experience. Herbal vaporizers ? Those who like to experience herbal smoking, by mixing different kinds of herbs with nicotine can use herbal vaporizers. In the electronic e-cigarette market you will get e-cigarettes for beginners to chain smokers. If you are using it for the first time then try brands like Eleaf iPipe and Innokin iTaste VTR. Choose the type which you think can give a good smoking experience. Suzanne Meijer is the author of this article on VISION X.FIR E-FLARE. Find more information, about Vision X.Fir E-Flare Body here